For over 50 years "Minguzzi Corporation - limited liability consortium"  has cultivated its passion for quality: Minguzzi fruit is only grown in the most suitable areas, where the experience of thousands of farmers is supported by a high specialized technical staff.
The Minguzzi products are tracked and controlled right from the start to assure customers that all the products are completely healthy and safe. The Minguzzi philosophy  comes from its great passion for quality: products are tracked and checked in every production area and for the whole production chain. It has been selecting the best and most resistant varieties for several years  in order to reduce the need for chemical treatments and to promote cultivation systems with a low environment impact. This is why the Minguzzi fruit always meets the demand for modern distribution and the consumers' requirements by guaranteeing:

High standards quality
Healthiness of the product
Attention to the environment

From 1998 to 2000 the company production increased considerably and also the sales to supermarkets , especially abroad and as a result the company improved its organization to meet these requirements.