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The farms we own include about 200 hectares of  land cultivated extensively with vegetables and some hundreds of hectares where fruit is grown: peaches, nectarines, platicarpafruits ( flat peaches), plums, pears, apples, kiwifruit.

For the quality:

The whole orchard surface area is certificated GLOBALGAP.

Production is obtained with the methods of "integrated fight"

To date, our orchards are divided as follows:
  • 25%  less than 10 years old
  • 60% between 10 and 15 years old
  • 15% over 15 years old

Drip - irrigation with possibility of fertigation  is possible on 290 hectares

Underground drainage on over 300 hectares

Covering with anti-hail nets on over 100 hectares

Frost-free systems: 60 hectares

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Our company has always been engaged in finding the best varieties and the best ways of growing plants in order to achieve a better quality of production, a bigger productivity and  the shortening of  the  "put in production" time.
As to the fruit with stone, we switched from the traditional palmette shape to the Y shape, to the funnel and lastly  to the fusetto shape without supports with a different density of trees.

Regarding the pome fruits, we changed from the traditional palmette to palmette in volume, to palspindel, to "snake" and lastly to spindel with or without arms. As for the kiwifruit, besides the conventional pergoletta, we are testing new shapes like GDC.
About the choice of the different varieties we always work together with our commercial office to get the best combination of technical issues, nursery innovations and market research.


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