We are very proud of the certifications we have obtained over the years. They show the company’s engagement in following the transparency and health required by our customers and producers.

  • Certification STANDARD BRC for warehouse and manufacturing plant;
  • Certification GLOBALGAP option 1 and 2 for most of our products;
  • Certification TESCO NURTURE option 2;
  • Certification TESCO NURTURE ORGANIC option 2;
  • Certification GRASP for workers safeguard.
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Product traceability:

"Minguzzi Spa Consortile" ("Minguzzi Corporation - limited liability consortium")  wants to be competitive on today’s  market where the companies, which know how to combine the best of a millenary healthy farming traditions with the advantages of modern skills. are rewarded ; for this reason they use a modern traceability system to give full information about the whereabouts of the product from the producer to the customer.